25 August 2019

The Last Sociology Post? (*)

From Youtube's ESPN channel, where we learn, 'Chess boxing [chessboxing] is a philosophy'.

What is chess boxing, and how did it become a sport? | The Ocho (7:34) • 'Published on Aug 7, 2019'

What can we learn from the description? It said,

Chess boxing inventor Iepe Rubingh explains the origins and rules of his quirky sport, which was inspired in part by a comic.

Quick takes:-

  • That chess boxing had an inventor.
  • That the name Iepe Rubingh is indeed the correct spelling (it's a Dutch name).
  • That the philosophy/sport was inspired by a comic.

That second bullet is confirmed by the Wikipedia page Iepe Rubingh. That page points to Froid Equateur, which confirms the third bullet.

(*) The Sociology of Chess (November 2016). For another angle on the same subject, see Ilyumzhinov as a Chess Boxer (March 2008).

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