12 September 2019

Breaking the 3000 Barrier

Remember this post: Breaking the 2900 Barrier (April 2019), marking both post no.2900 on this blog and a historical point in Elo chess ratings? I wrote,

For 2900 ratings, we have to turn to the world of chess engines. Here is a relevant chart signed Luke Muehlhauser and dated 2011. I've marked the 2900 crossover point with a red star. The engine under the star is Shredder 8.0 and the year was 2003 or thereabouts.

As for 'Breaking the 3000 Barrier', the same chart points to Rybka 1.2 a few years later. Looks like I won't have to write the 3000 post at all.

This current post is no.2999 on this blog, making tomorrow's post no.3000. It's a goal I've been working toward since the beginning of the year, because it will be the last regular post on the blog. Some of the ongoing series need to be closed separately, but I'll look at those some other time.

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