22 September 2019

2019 US Chess Delegates Meeting

Look like it wasn't really The Last Sociology Post (*; August 2019). How could it have been when there is so much compelling material to be reviewed (the following video had 34 viewers in its first month!):-

US Chess 2019 Delegates Meeting 1.1 (2:43:37) • 'Published on Aug 22, 2019'

The description added only that the meeting was held on a Saturday:-

Part 1 of the Saturday Delegates Meeting for US Chess

For more of the same from Youtube's USChessFederation channel, see:-

If that doesn't satisfy your appetite for the ins-and-outs of chess administration, see last year's Delegates Meeting and US Chess Annual Awards [Full Video] (August 2018)

(*) The most recent post in this blog's series on The Sociology of Chess (November 2016)

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