08 September 2019

A Special Chess Board

It's been a few years since I last featured a DGT (Digital Game Technology) video: DGT at the Olympiad (August 2014). Here's a new one from Denmark.

What's Special about a Professional Chess Board? (3:07) • 'Published on Aug 13, 2019'

The video description didn't have much to add. In response to a comment, 'Nice commercial', the video's creator wrote,

Per Danish law we cannot make a commercial without stating it clearly in the video and description. This is not a commercial. We have not been paid for this video and neither the DGT company nor Chesshouse [NB: the distributor supplying the board] has had ANY editorial rights. Not that we would have any problems with making commercials mind you -- but any such paid content would be clearly marked both in the video and the description.

Danish law or not, that's a good guideline for anyone producing online content.

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