11 November 2019

TCEC FRC Leagues; CCC11 R2 Underway

Two weeks ago, in TCEC Cup 4 Finals & CCC11 R1 Underway, I decided, 'Instead of a weekly report on the two competitions, I'll report every two weeks.' To summarize the situation at that time in the two world class engine-vs-engine competitions:-

TCEC: 'Cup 4' has progressed through the semifinal round and is playing matches to settle 1st through 4th places. Stockfish is playing LCZero for 1st & 2nd places, while Komodo is playing AllieStein for 3rd & 4th -- the A/B engines vs. the AI/NN engines. • CCC: The 'CCC11 Qualification' stage finished with Leelenstein and Stockfish 1st & 2nd. The following stage, 'CCC11 Round 1', is underway with Stockfish leading.

Note that the two subjects of last week's post, AllieStein and Leelenstein, were both playing leading roles. What's happened in the two weeks since the previous TCEC/CCC report?

TCEC: 'Cup 4' finished with Stockfish beating LCZero for 1st place (+1-0=7), and AllieStein beating Komodo for 3rd place (also +1-0=7). The following chart shows the final score of both matches.

After 'Cup 4', the TCEC held a series of chess960 (FRC) matches:-

FRC CPU League 2
FRC CPU League 1 Test
FRC CPU League 2 Playoff
FRC CPU League 1
FRC Sufi [aka 'Superfinal']

Stockfish beat AllieStein in the Superfinal by a score of +10-0=10. I maintain a blog on this subject (see 'Chess960 / Fischer Random' in the right sidebar under 'My Other Resources'), so I'll reserve any further commentary for that space.

At the time of writing this post, TCEC is running an 'LCZero - AllieStein Bonus' match. What about S17? The current news says, 'Tentatively set to late November 2019. Delay due to a possible hardware upgrade.'

CCC: After the previous report, 'CCC11 R1 Underway', the event finished with Stockfish 3.5 points ahead of second place Leelenstein. The top eight engines advanced to round two which is currently underway with nine engines; Lc0-dev was added to the mix. An !Command informs, 'Lc0-dev uses the very latest T40 net that is currently available at the start of each game it plays.' R2 will run for another week or so.

[For further information from the various stakeholders in the engine-to-engine events, see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page. • NB: Leela = LC0 = LCzero]

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