30 January 2020

Not Mainstream Stories 2020-01

Another month drawing to an end, another month without any chess stories being flagged by Yahoo news as a proxy for the mainstream press. Last month I had Under the FIDE Flag, and this month I short listed three stories for a possible post. I couldn't decide on one alone, so I'll mention all three.

The first 'story' was more of a theme than a story. Like the 'FIDE Flag' post, it involved Iran.

The second story was about a well known chess publisher and former chess blogger: Chess Museum (2009-2011) and Chess Toast (2011-2013).

  • 2020-01-11: Prolific chess author slain (chessbase.com) • 'Chess author and publisher Bob Long has reportedly been murdered in his home in Davenport, Iowa, USA, according to local news media. ChessBase author IM Andrew Martin was a long-time friend and sent this reflection.'

The third story wasn't really about chess, but built on a theme that has been weighing heavily with the chess community for the last two years.

All three stories are worthy of a follow-up post, but given my track record with follow-ups, I wouldn't advise anyone to bet on it.

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