03 March 2020

March 1970 & 1995 'On the Cover'

Two months ago, in the January 1970 & 1995 'On the Cover', I quoted a couple of paragraphs from the 1995 'Contents' page:-

YOU'LL NOTICE A CHANGE! [...] Now CL is being produced in New Windsor [NY] on state-of-the-art desktop technology that eliminates the need for producing old-fashioned mechanical boards. Instead, we now ship the magazine to our printer on disk. We'll learn how to use the equipment even better with experience, of course. And you can expect more changes in the coming months.

Yes, I indeed noticed a change starting with the cover on that January 1995 issue of CL. Previous covers used a single photo. The covers for last month, February 1995, and this month used multiple photos.

Left: 'Lajos Portisch, Winner at Hastings'
Right (clockwise from left): 'Gulko Outruns Competition for Interplay Title' • 'Sagalchik Qualifies for GM Title' • 'Curdo Takes His 500th Victory Lap'

Chess Life & Review (50 Years Ago)

'Hastings Report' by Dave Daniels • Hungarian Grandmaster Lajos Portisch, playing his customarily steady chess, won the Premier section of the 45th annual Hastings Christmas Congress (29 December - 8 January) with a score of 7-2, half a point ahead of West German Wolfgang Unzicker. Svetozar Gligoric of Yugoslavia was third with 6-3, while former World Champion Vassily Smyslov of the Soviet Union, and the young Dutch player, Jan Timman, tied for fourth with 5.5-3.5.

I have a small problem with the CL&R cover. I've seen many photos of GM Portisch and no matter how much I stretch my imagination, the cover photo doesn't look like him. Maybe it's the hair.

Chess Life (25 Years Ago)

Meet me at the corner of Chess and 43rd Street. You can do that in Anchorage, Alaska. And Steve Gordon's pictoral essay on Castle Heights will be the Yearbook theme in next month's issue. For now, the street sign serves as a guidepost for organized chess, indicating its varied nature and appeal:

Gennady Sagalchik (upper right) earned his final Grandmaster norm in Linares, Mexico; Boris Gulko (left) won the U.S. Interplay Championship; John Curdo (lower right) made the record books by winning his 500th tournament!

The U.S. Interplay Championship was also featured on last month's February 1970 & 1995 'On the Cover'. As for the 'Castle Heights' reference, I'll come back to it next month.

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