02 March 2020

TCEC S17 L1 Finished; CCC13 Announced

Another Monday, another look at the two world class engine-vs-engine events I've been following every two weeks. To summarize the previous post, TCEC S17 L1 & CCC12 Bonus Series Ongoing:-

TCEC: S17 L1 is still underway and has reached the second of its two double round robins. • CCC: The site continues with bonus events -- another half-dozen events have been played since the previous report.

Today's post has more news than that previous post.

TCEC: S17 L1 finished with the results shown in the following crosstable.

S17 L1: Top 8 of the 16 engines competing

What happens next? According to the announced rules, TCEC S17 – detailed information (chessdom.com; December 2019), S17 has just finished the CPU qualifying stages:-

The AB/CPU competition will start with a Qualification league (invitational, variable number of participants), League 2 (16 participants) and League 1 (16 participants). Promotions in the AB (Minimax, aka "traditional") Leagues go as in Season 16.

The rules go on to explain the GPU stage, followed by a playoff:-

The NeuralNetwork/GPU [NN] competition will have just League 1 (invitational, 16 participants max). As the number of engines in both competitions differ, so will the resulting qualification spots for the playoff. 4 engines from the respective Leagues 1 of CPU and 2 engines from the GPU will enter the playoff to determine which 4 engines qualify to be promoted to the Premier Division [DivP].

It appears that there weren't enough NN engines to organize a separate league. In TCEC Season 17 Engines (wiki.chessdom.org), the TCEC wiki, under 'Playoff for DivP', lists the first four L1 engines shown in the table above -- indicating that rofChade edged Xiphos on tiebreak -- plus two NN engines. The same wiki page, under 'GPU engines competition', lists nothing except the same two NN engines. This is confirmed by an info command:-

!next • Now CPU engine update tests/bonus as filler. Next GPU engine test. Then playoff for DivP.

The site is currently running 'S17 - Fix update test and filler 3', which is scheduled to continue for another three weeks. The lack of GPU competitors appears to have left a big gap in the S17 schedule.

CCC: The bonus events continue. They included an event titled 'Non-Gambits' (2 x GPU; 4 x CPU; the GPUs trounced the CPUs) and another titled 'CPU MegaGambits'. The current event, titled 'Lc0-CPU vs Komodo', is just starting and is too early to call.

The site has released plans for CCC13 in the form of a spreadsheet and a graphic. The format is like nothing we've seen before and will take more time to study than I have today.

[For further information from the various stakeholders in the engine-to-engine events, see the tab 'TCEC/CCC Links' at the top of this page. • NB: Leela = LC0 = LCzero]

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