26 April 2020

Commercial Compilations

Magnus Carlsen against himself, Korchnoi against a cow, Anand playing cricket (sort of) -- there are some classic commercials here.

Chess Commercials Compilation | Part 1 (9:41) • '[Published on] Mar 22, 2020'

This is the first of two such compilations featuring chess. The YouTube pages list the commercials in order:-

How many different languages are there on the planet? How many languages do you have to know in order to understand these commercials? That second question makes these videos a worthy addition to the ongoing series about The Sociology of Chess (November 2016).

There's much more from the same Sync Chess channel. Why 'Sync Chess'?

For the hardcore chess fans, I recommend the "Synchronized Dual Commentary" playlist, which I think is a real GAME CHANGER on YouTube – being able to see in a single video both players describing their moves in real time! It’s like watching a tennis game! Or a sitcom, because chess players have a great sense of humor!

After I finish watching the commercials, I'll watch some of that synchronized commentary. Maybe there is a silver lining to the coronavirus lockdown.

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