26 May 2020

2020 CJA Awards Announcement

Are you more of an 'April showers bring May flowers' type of person -or- a 'Sell in May and go away' type? If you're a chess player, you have a third option: 'If it's May, it's CJA' ... awards, that is.

Last year I wrangled four posts out of CJA activity -- the acronym stands for Chess Journalists of America -- although the last post only came about because I was one day too early covering the subject. Here are the four posts:-

The May 2020 issue of Chess Life included the usual one page announcement for this year's CJA awards. Shown below is a small copy alongside last year's announcement, both of which can be expanded to a slightly more readable format.

2019 2020

Last year I noted,

For 2019, the CJA has added nine new categories, highlighted in yellow.

This year there are 13 new, yellow categories. The most notable of the new categories is 'Best Twitter Feed'.

Last year's meta-category, 'SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT', contained one category with the same name: 'Special Achievement'. This year, the meta-category has been renamed 'SPECIAL ACHIEVEMENT / CRAMER AWARDS', with nine categories, five of them colored yellow.

Entries can be submitted online at the CJA's website Chess Journalism (chessjournalism.org). The deadline for entries is 16 June 2020. I'll repeat what I wrote last year: 'If you're a CJA member (I'm not), good luck!'

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