24 May 2020

A Flood of Films

Last month's episode in the long-running series on The Sociology of Chess (November 2016), was Commercial Compilations, as in TV commercials ('Maybe there is a silver lining to the coronavirus lockdown'). This month we have movie scenes.

Chess Master Breaks Down Chess Scenes from Movies and TV (17:43) • '[Published on] May 1, 2020'

That clip is from Youtube's Chess.com channel. The description says,

IM Daniel Rensch breaks down chess scenes from movies and TV shows! Attention Hollywood, if you're going to put a chess scene in your project, this is what happens when a chess expert analyzes your work. [...] This is only part one of our series! What other chess scenes from movies or TV shows would you want to see broken down? Leave us a comment!

While I was writing this post -- I always write a private version before posting it publicly -- that embedded video gave me a 'Video unavailable' message. In case that's more than a temporary glitch, here are links to parts one and two:-

Both videos attracted hundreds of comments, many with suggestions for other movies/shows. Shortly after those two appeared, Youtube's FIDEchess channel produced something similar:-

Chessbase.com was also spotted recently using another angle, based on photos:-

Like many chess players, I have an ongoing interest in the subject. My last post was 'Chess in the Movies' Checkpoint (June 2019).

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