12 June 2022

The Second Incarnation of Kasparovchess.com

A year ago, in Business Yahoos (May 2021), I wrote,

Let's start with the two stories from PRNewswire, where 'PR' is an acronym for 'press release':-
* 2021-05-25: Grand Chess Tour Partners With Vivendi To Kick Off Chess Platform Kasparovchess.com (prnewswire.com)
* [...]
The Kasparov story was picked up by a few other sources. I might come back to it if it doesn't fizzle as fast as many Kasparov stories.

Fizzle it didn't. A reminder about the site appeared on this month's short list for featured video.

The Best Educational Chess Website You Haven't Heard Of | KasparovChess.com (50:17) • '[Published on] May 27, 2022'

The description of that clip, on the Eric Rosen Youtube channel, explained,

Thanks to Kasparov Chess for sponsoring this video! Visit https://kasparovchess.com/upgrade-acc... and use code ROSEN to get a 7-day free trial, 50% off memberships and receive a KASPAROV AUTOGRAPHED BOOK of “How Life Imitates Chess”...

Once upon a time I reviewed that book in a post titled, Me, Myself, and I (May 2011). My conclusion? 'Recommended.'

What was the first incarnation of Kasparovchess.com? See site:mark-weeks.com kasparovchess.com for details.

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