15 July 2022

Drawing for Colors in 1972

Following the formula in last week's post Fox Films Not (July 2022), here's another photo from Fischer Wirephotos I (March 2016). This one is a cropped version of the last wirephoto in the third row.

The official caption said,

(REY9) REYKJAVIK, Iceland, July 6 -- MEET FOR CHESS DRAW -- American chess master Bobby Fischer, left, meets with Gudmundur Thorarinsson, president of the Icelandic Chess Federation, center, and world chess champion Boris Spassky in Reykjavik Thursday for the drawing of the first move in their first match. Spassky, Soviet Union player, won the white piece, giving him the first move. (AP Wirephoto via cable from Reykjavik) (See AP AAA Wire Story) (jc52104str) 1972 (FOR USE IN NORTH AMERICAN NEWSPAPERS ONLY) MAGAZINES OUT

This squares with the chronology from According to Darrach, Day by Day (July 2022):-

Thu, 06 Jul • Draw for colors • p.150

For more stories from the same day, see Bobby Fischer 1972: July 1972 (bf-1972.blogspot.com). Inaccuracies abound in the reports of the day.

Thorarinsson wrote a book about the 1972 match which was recently translated into English: The Match of All Time (newinchess.com). The cover photo is from the same meeting as the wirephoto shown above. The NIC page links to a PDF file with 16 of the 200+ pages from the book. This might well be the last insider account of the match.

Darrach's account mentions that Spassky wore 'gray slacks and a tan pullover'. The photos show Spassky wearing a jacket and tie.

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