24 July 2022

FIDE's Social Initiatives 2022

Every new release of material from the FIDE Social Commission becomes a natural choice for this blog's monthly post on The Sociology of Chess (November 2016). In the past two years I've used:-

The following video expands on the concepts introduced in those earlier posts.

FIDE Conference on the Social Chess Initiatives in FIDE Member Countries (4:46:50) • 'Streamed live on Jul 2, 2022'

After repeating the title...

FIDE Madrid Candidates • Chess Conference 2022 • Official Side Event of the Candidates Tournament
...the conference starts at around 22:00 into the video. It carries the following description:-
We will exchange experiences and showcase how national chess federations and chess enthusiasts worldwide help people, build community and make changes for the better with the help of chess. Representatives from all continents will participate. One of the program's highlights is the round table for one of FIDE's most important social projects, the INFINITE Chess, which aims to enhance knowledge and awareness about chess for children with ASD.

The introduction is made by Anastasia Sorokina, 'FIDE Vice-President, leader of the FIDE INFINITE Chess Project', and Dana Reizniece-Ozola, 'FIDE Managing Director'. At about 33:30 the same video used in my January 2022 post is shown. For information on the different speakers, see FIDE Madrid Candidates Chess Conference (candidates.fide.com).

Long ago I discussed ASD in Chess and Autism (April 2009; 'April is National Autism Awareness Month'). Although I intended that post to be the first of an annual series, I failed to achieve the goal. For more about the 'Infinite Chess Project', see Chess for children with ASD: Practical materials for teachers and parents (November 2021).

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