06 March 2012

Google Likes Me Why Exactly?

A recent spike in page views on my personal domain (m-w.com) prompted me to feed February log data into my database log software, last seen in Access to Referrers. I couldn't pinpoint the reason for the spike, but running out of time and desperate for a subject for today's blog post, I asked the database which of my pages were most favored by Google searches in February. Here are the top-25 out of the ~500 pages which received at least one view in February thanks to Google:-

The code 'W:' means a page from my World Championship site, while 'A:' means a page from my About.com material. The next logical step would be to see what searches returned those particular pages, but that will have to wait for another time.

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Robert Pearson said...

Hi Mark, Part II of the Best of Chess Blogging
is now posted. The rest of your best posts will be in the next part, sorry, the thing was getting pretty long...