14 April 2013

First Chess Postcards in the World?

For my series on Top eBay Chess Items by Price, once in a while there are no auctions over the previous fortnight that attract my attention. When this happens, I usually fall back on a composite post like Top Computer Items from a few months ago.

Another trick -- one that I don't use often -- is to go under my cutoff minimum of US $500. The item pictured below, which sold for $399 after only one bid, was considerably below this target, but it was unlike anything else I've seen before. The item's title was 'Romania - The first postcards stationeries CHESS in the WORLD - used - 1963'.

The description gave a bit more information.

Romania - CHESS - 2 stationeries - used - 1963 (The first CHESS postcards in the world) very very rare. The second postal card have the signature of the international great master Florin Ghiorghiu, (only exemplar). Very good quality.

How much would each postcard sell for individually? How about GM Gheorghiu's autograph? Lots of questions without answers...

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