26 April 2013

Kramnik on the Unification Match

Portion of an interview with GM Kramnik where he discusses the cheating allegations from his 2006 match with Topalov. He also discusses measures that can be taken against cheating. The video's description is straight out of Wikipedia:-

On September 28, 2006, the rest day between games 4 and 5, Topalov's manager Silvio Danailov complained to the match organizers and the press about Kramnik's repeated visits to the bathroom. He noted that the bathrooms are the only place not under audio or video surveillance, and called the frequency of the breaks "strange, if not suspicious". Danailov suggested that Topalov would abandon the match if the concerns were not addressed

The clip is not sourced or dated. The interviewer's voice sounds like Frederic Friedel of Chessbase, and appears to have been recorded a few months after the match.

Did KRAMNIK cheat @ 2006 World Championship ?? (8:00) • 'Bathroom controversy. Allegations and forfeit: Part 1'

See also Part 2.

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