19 April 2013

More Menchik

London schaken voor meisjes 1926 © Flickr user janwillemsen under Creative Commons.

My Dutch is just good enough to understand the caption, which says,

In de Imperial-Schaakclub te Londen werd dezer dagen een internationale schaakwedstrijd gehouden voor meisjes onder 21 jaar : op onze foto ziet men Engelsche en Russische kampioenen in den strijd.

For a more reliable translation I relied on Google Translate, which returned,

In the Imperial Chess Club in London these days was an international chess competition held for girls under 21 years: our photo shows English and Russian champions in battle.

The Flickr page doesn't give any information about the source other than the date (1926). Vera Menchik is standing in the center looking at the game on the right. According to my page, World Chess Championship for Women, she first became Women's World Champion in 1927. For another photo of Menchik, see my post titled Folkestone 1933.

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