16 April 2013

Planning for Continuity

Once in a while circumstances force me to reduce blogging. When I return, I usually have to spend time pulling loose threads together in order to provide continuity. An example earlier this year was Some Closure Required, which resulted in several series of posts that kept me occupied for a few months.

This time the situation is easier. Looking back at the last two months, the only open subject is 'Black Is OK' - 12 Discussion Points, based on GM Adorjan's work. I've already used that post on my chess960 blog (see Random Position, Random Results?), but there is more gold to be mined from his discussion points.

I'm purposely ignoring long running series like About.com (most recent post: 'Wonderboy' 2002) and Video/Flickr Friday (most recent: How to Train for Chess), because those get done even when there's little time. I'm also ignoring posts that promise followups (most recent: First Chess Postcards in the World?), because that list is so long that I might as well throw it away.

As for my other blogs, on the World Chess Championship I've finished London Candidates - Wrapup, leaving the zonal project, last seen in

On Chess960 (FRC), I have

Back to 'Closure Required', one of the resulting series was Practical Evaluation. I had the opportunity to reference it again on rec.games.chess (rgc): Turning computer evals into winning probabilities. Wading into the muck at rgc might not be the smartest move when pressed for time, but the subject was too relevant to pass up.

Two events occurred this past weekend that deserve a post: Robert Byrne's passing and Garry Kasparov's 50th birthday. I hope to tackle those before too much more time slips away.

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