05 April 2013

No.1 Chess Bod

The additional info said,

This photo was taken on 2 April 2013 in Whitehall, London, England, GB. [...] Taken at 11 Downing St'.

That would be the closing ceremony for the 2013 London Candidates Tournament.

Some chess bods chatting at the chess party © Flickr user mrlerone under Creative Commons.

The 'chess bod' on the left is Magnus Carlsen, the winner of the tournament. I don't recognize the fellow he is chatting with. I guess he's a political bod. The fellow behind him to the right looks like a well known English 'chess bod' and organizer.


Later: Got it, thanks to Google: 11 Downing Street -> Chancellor of the Exchequer -> George Osborne. 'Political bod', indeed!


Tom Chivers said...

Carlsen's talking to George Osborne

Mark Weeks said...

Thanks, Tom. I saw your comment just after I had worked it out for myself. Another example of the awesome power of the web! - Mark