03 December 2013

Carlsen - Anand, Chess Press Overview

Let's have one more post on the great match, this one a summary of the events in Chennai as seen by two stalwarts of the online chess press. I chose to use these two sites because of their frequent use of photos and videos.

  Chessbase Chessvibes
08 Nov: WCh Chennai: Opening Ceremony Carlsen to Start With White in Chennai
09 Nov: Chennai G1: Anand holds Carlsen to 16-move draw It's on! First game, Carlsen-Anand, drawn quickly
10 Nov: Chennai G2: Two minor victories? Anand-Carlsen: game 2, a Caro-Kann, drawn in 25 moves
12 Nov: Chennai G3: A thrilling battle as Anand close to win Game 3, Carlsen-Anand, drawn after 51 moves
13 Nov: Chennai G4: Carlsen presses Anand in epic battle Anand-Carlsen: game 4, a Berlin Ending, drawn after 64 moves
15 Nov: Chennai G5: Carlsen draws first blood Carlsen Beats Anand in World Championship Game 5
16 Nov: Chennai G6: Carlsen wins second straight Carlsen Beats Anand Again, Leads 4-2 in Chennai
18 Nov: Chennai G7: A toothless draw Anand-Carlsen game 7 drawn in 32 moves
19 Nov: Chennai G8: Anand plays Berlin against Carlsen Carlsen-Anand, game 8, drawn in 33 moves
21 Nov: Chennai G9: Magnus .44 beats battling Anand Carlsen close to world title after Anand blunders in game 9
22 Nov: Magnus Carlsen is the new World Champion! Magnus Carlsen World Champion of Chess
25 Nov: The king is crowned Carlsen Crowned World Champion (After Enjoying Some Football & Basketball)

Both sites published much more material on the match. See also the Chessbase Tag=World Championship 2013, although there is good material that is not mentioned under the tag.

The future of the Chessvibes site is unclear. It's been two months since the announcement of the deal with Chess.com -- I mentioned it on Chess.com(?) Interviews Kasparov -- but Chessvibes.com continues as before. It's entirely possible that the links will stop working at any moment.

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