17 December 2013

The Graffiti Wall - Is Chess a Sport?

Getting back to the post Mainstream Comments on Magnus, the comments used were culled from over 600 comments on the two Yahoo articles (follow that link to find the original articles). Of those 600 comments, nearly 25% were an opinion on whether or not chess can be considered a sport. Of that 25%, nearly half were of the type pictured below.

The Chess Graffiti Wall

And those were the short comments. The long comments can be summarized with this one.

TWO FACTS: 1) Chess is not a sport. 2) See 1.

Of the longer, more reflective comments, one gave a link to Chess.com; 'Is Chess a Sport? Decide for yourself': Is Chess a Sport?

I might come back to the subject in a future post, but then again, I might not. The overwhelming majority of people on the street don't consider chess to be a sport.

But you knew that already, didn't you?

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