20 December 2013

Pixie and Dixie Play Chess

You've read the story -- This Taxidermied Mice Chess Set Is The COOLEST. THING. EVER. [Huffingtonpost.com] -- now see the movie.

Taxidermied Mice Chess Set (1:09) • 'A shop on Etsy.com offered chess pieces in the form of taxidermied mice. '

The Youtube 'About' section contains a full transcript of the video. It starts,

If you think the game of chess is a little lackluster, try using this set instead. A shop on Etsy.com offers chess pieces in the form of taxidermied mice. The dead rodents have a wooden stand on the bottom, where their feet are attached so they can be maneuvered across the board easily.

There's another clip at Coolest Taxidermied Mice Chess Set EVER, and yet another at the Huffingtonpost.com link given earlier. The asking price of US $450 was a bargain compared to the $3499.99 price on the last mouse set featured on this blog: Mice for Mom.

Who said, 'I hate meeces to pieces'? See the title of his post for a memory jog.

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