30 December 2013

Carlsen TMER: 'Under Construction' (Not!)

After Carlsen TMER: Adding the Venues, I was finally in a position to remove the 'under construction' warning from Magnus Carlsen's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (2000-); Last updated 2013-07-15. At the same time I removed the references for each of the ~185 events listed in the TMER. This makes the page less valuable to other researchers, but I have discovered through the years that people routinely copy my work without attribution. Omitting references from the visible copy keeps a small, but important portion of the data as proof that it is my own work. 'References furnished on request', as they say.

What's next? The data shown in the 'Score' and 'Games' columns can be reconciled with the data in the associated 'PGN File'. I've never done this for any of the TMERs, but it's essentally a database manipulation. There is also some work required to advance the 'Last updated 2013-07-15' message. There was the small matter of a World Championship match in Chennai that remains to be documented. Ditto for the Anand TMER.

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