08 December 2013

More Carlsen Autographs

For this edition of Top eBay Chess Items by Price, I was hoping to have plenty to choose in pre-Christmas auctions, but it looks like I'll have to wait until next time. Not having much to choose from, except for chess sets, I returned to the idea from the last two 'Top eBay Chess Items' posts -- Anand - Carlsen Autographs and Carlsen - Anand, Signed Board -- this time looking for memorabilia related only to the new World Champion. What did I find? Autographs! ... as shown in the following composite image.

Three of the four boards, all listed by the same seller, are positioned with a dark square in the right corner. They are all folding boards where the signature avoids the fold. The board that fetched the best price was sold just before the title match in Chennai (see my previous post Carlsen - Anand, Chess Press for an overview of the match), while the other boards were sold after Carlsen became World Champion. There are two more signed boards on offer as I write this, plus a board signed together with Levon Aronian.

GM Aronian is also featured in the two photos shown in the bottom row of my composite image. Coincidence? Probably not, because they were both listed by the same seller of the signed boards. Signed photos of Carlsen playing other top grandmasters fetched much less.

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