18 March 2014

Iframes Don't Dance

Since the 2014 Candidates Tournament started almost a week ago, I've been watching it on Chessdom Chess Arena. It suits me because I can open each of the games in a separate browser tab, then periodically cycle through the games to see what the current status is. The engine analysis for each game gives me an instant idea about who's better.

One of the features on the Chessdom Arena tournament index page is 'embed code' which lets me place the same index on one of my own pages, like this blog. I tried it and got the results shown below. You can see that the display is simply cropped.

I know from a previous experience on my chess960 blog -- ChessCube Chess (Test) -- that there's not much I can do about the truncation. The width/height for the display area on my blog page is not compatible with the Chessdom Arena widget attributes and can't be changed. On top of that, the 'iframe' technique used to embed the widget doesn't allow for scrolling.

Back to the drawing board... To keep the idea in mind, I replaced the Chessdom Arena widget with another widget from Shredder Computer Chess: Daily updated chess puzzles for your website. That's where I'll leave the idea for now.

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