25 March 2014

Chess Comics No.5: Mad About Chess?

No time for blogging? Mention previous post, Chess Comics No.4: Mad's Modern Chess. Open Mad Magazine, September 1958 (No.41, 'Lower the Pitch Department') to page 20. Copy chess related picture. Mention title: 'Snob Appeal vs Slob Appeal'. Quote introduction:

More and more advertising agencies are using "Snob Appeal" in their ads. Snob Appeal is supposed to make us "slobs" feel like "snobs" when we buy their client's products. The only thing wrong with that is: Us "slobs" like to feel like slobs! That's why we are slobs! And, as slobs we'd rather have "Slob Appeal" in our ads! So wise up, Madison Avenue!

Show picture and give credit.

Text: Frank Jacobs • Pictures: Bob Clarke

Make gratuitous remark like, 'Which ad looks like most of the chess players you know?'. Mention upside-down small print at the bottom of the page: '"Promise her anything" ... but don't put it in writing!'. Post to blog and hope no one notices.

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