14 March 2014

Man of Many Talents

IM Anthony Saidy, MD, discusses his book written in 1973 and published in 2013. Around 15:00 into the interview, the conversation turns to chess for a few minutes.

Russian Revolution with Chess Master Anthony Saidy (36:20) • 'Dave Koller [#1 ranked TYTchess player] discusses 1983, chess, Russia, and even plays a game of chess with Master Anthony Saidy here on TYT [The Young Turks] Interviews.'

The description explained,

Anthony Saidy is a chess master who lived in the Soviet Union (the world center for chess at the time) for several years during the Cold War era. Now, we seem to be in a somewhat similar situation with the U.S.S.R. He's also the author of "1983, The Novel," a fictional take on the Soviet's two vital classes - dissident intellectuals and the lesser-known working class. What if the two groups had worked together to form a new society?

For more about the book, see 1983thenovel.com:-

Out of the ferments of the final decades of the Soviet Union, when no spy agency foresaw major change in that totalitarian state, the author projects an alternative reality. Instead of the pseudo-liberation that would come, what if change had issued from two vital groups in society: dissident intellectuals, from whom the West heard much, and the working class—correspondingly little?

For more about IM Saidy, see Anthony Saidy [Wikipedia].

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