30 March 2014

Soviets 8 - Americans 0

A few years ago, in Fisching for Fischer, I noted, 'we have a real bull market in Fischer autographs'. Are all chess autographs in a bull market?

For the previous edition of Top eBay Chess Items by Price, we had 'Six World Champions on a Single Envelope', and for this edition we have the item pictured below. The title of the auction was 'INTERNATIONAL CHESS MATCH USA-USSR NEW YORK AUTOGRAPHS BOX SCORE 1954', and it sold for US $499.95 after a single bid.

The description added,

An extremely scarce box score guide for the '1954 International Chess Match U.S.A. - U.S.S.R. Sponsored by the United States Chess Federation - June 16, 19, 21, and 23 - Grand Ballroom - Hotel Roosevelt New York, N.Y.' with autographs of the entire Russian team including alternates. Autographs include: Smyslov, Bronstein, Keres, Kotov, Geller, Auerbach [Averbakh], Petrosian, Taimanov, Boleslavsky, and Bondarevsky. The Russian team won decisively 20-12. A bit of light wear and toning. Fine+ condition.

For more about the match, see Americans vs Soviets, 1954 ['Le blog de la Batgirl', Chess.com].

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