03 March 2014

Short List Is Longer

Looks like I goofed. In last week's post, Short List for an Online Chess Database, I reported that the last database in my list ('6: chess-db.com') had 'No search on openings'.

While I was working on today's follow-up post, to compare the two databases on the short list, I took another look at Chess-db.com. Lo and behold, there were two functions 'OpExp' and 'OpCmp' that I overlooked last week.

The first, 'OpExp', stands for 'Opening and Position Explorer (Beta)', which has similar functionality to the two short-listed databases. The second, 'OpCmp', stands for 'Historical Comparison of Openings by Popularity'. It does exactly what it says for any two variations that you feed it. Here is an example for 1.e4 c5 (in blue) and 1.e4 e5 (in red). I don't know how useful that is, but it's available.

As for 'OpExp', I have to return to last week's post to correct my error before I go any further with this post...

1 comment:

Roman said...

Very interesting, I had been looking for this historic comparison function for many years. Thanks for sharing this!