25 May 2014

Another Najdorf

Maybe it's my imagination, or maybe it's because of eBay's security problems (as in eBay Hacked, Urges All Members to Change Passwords Immediately), but there was very little to choose from the last fortnight in Top eBay Chess Items by Price. Along with one more example of Capablanca Letters, this one going for US $1125 after 32 bids, I found one painting, pictured below.

The painting was titled '48" Vintage Mid century Modern Abstract Chess Oil Painting Najdorf King Queen', and sold for just over US $1600, 'Best offer accepted'. Other than being a pretty picture, there is not much to discuss here.

The description said only,

This is a very lovely looking old painting of the Queen Knight and King Chess pieces. The lovely dark colors with the contrasting white make this painting so very eye-catching and dramatic. The use of raised enamel like patterns add to the overall originality of this painting. It is signed Najdorf. Approx. 48 x 38 inches.

I doubt that 'signed Najdorf' means the famous grandmaster Miguel Najdorf [Wikipedia], and the only artist reference I could find was Liba Najdorf. The few examples of her(?) work that I found don't match the style shown above. What more can I say?

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