02 May 2014

Giving Something Back

The previous edition of Video Friday, Play for Your Life, featured a semi-serious prison theme. This current edition features the same theme, but much more serious. The introduction to the film says,

In Uruguay, long term incarceration often results in re-offending within the first year of prison. Luis has spent most of his life behind bars with little education or support. Chess has been his escape and he is hoping it will be his path to independence.

'Chess, Private Lessons' a film by Ines Grah and Javier Hayrabedian.

Viewfinder - Latin America: Chess, Private Lessons (24:58) • 'One former inmate hopes to use chess to gain employment in the outside world, and to give something back in Uruguay.'

Dialog in Spanish, subtitled in English. From Youtube channel Al Jazeera English.

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