18 May 2014

Journal of Chess Research

In my previous post in the 'Chess in School' series, The Game at Chestes, I noted, 'Topics of current interest sometimes intersect in ways that could never be predicted'. Here's another example, this time from a Facebook friend: "Journal of Chess Research" launches this summer.

A new peer-reviewed academic magazine known as the Journal of Chess Research will be begin publication this summer with support from the Susan Polgar Foundation. As a result, empirical research that tests, extends or explores current theory concerning the benefits and scientific implications of the game of chess will be available in a single location.

The first issue isn't out yet, but the cover is.

The publishing schedule indicates that the journal will be issued quarterly.

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This Week's Chess Safari said...

Thanks, Mark, for spreading the word. Related web sites are now up:
http://www.chessresearch.org and
Hope we can get you involved in some way in this important project. Best wishes, Frank