01 May 2014

May 1964 'On the Cover'

May Day 2014 marks both the anniversary of this blog -- see Another head? [1 May 2006] -- and the enduring tradition established in last month's April 1964 'On the Cover'.

Left: 'Amsterdam Interzonal'
Right: 'TV Goes Benko'

Chess Life

The 1964 Interzonal Tournament began on May 20 in Amsterdam, Holland. Twenty-four players will remain locked in battle for more than a month and one of the 24 may well go on to become the next Chess Champion of the World.

Chess Review

At the WMAR TV studios in Baltimore, grandmaster Pal Benko gave a simultaneous display against 60 chess enthusiasts. He won 53, drew 3, and lost 4. Prior to his performance, Benko was granted honorary citizenship of Baltimore by Mayor Theodore R. McKelden. Highlights of the videotaped program were telecast the day after the exhibition.

Benko, by the way, is engaged in a match with Arthur B. Bisguier, in April. If he wins, the USCF has cleared it for him to take Bisguier's place in the Interzonal.

That last paragraph reminded me of my page on the Zonals 1963-1966 (C06), where U.S. participation in the 1964 Amsterdam Interzonal was problematic. For more, see 1962/3 US Chess Championship by Graeme Cree.

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