11 May 2014

Capablanca Letters++

Today being Mother's Day, this current edition of Top eBay Chess Items by Price could have featured something like last year's Crystal for Mom, but none of the items sold over the past fortnight struck the right chord. Instead I decided to run a composite listing, like Delucia's Chess Library from a few months ago.

The last time I featured a Capablanca autograph was Capablanca Signs His Feet in 2012, so I was pleased to see a number of recent Capablanca items. Five of them are pictured below.

The four items on the center and left of center, all apparently from the same seller, were titled 'Jose Raul CAPABLANCA Cuban World chess champion signed letter' and sold 'Best offer accepted'. The two items in the top row each sold for somewhere between US $4615 and $3175. The two items in the bottom row sold for $500.

The fifth item, shown on the right of the top row was titled 'Jose Raul CAPABLANCA signed 1924 original autograph'. It sold for $999 after a single bid.

The five items together fetched around $10.000. Perhaps some day we'll hear more from the buyer(s) about the content of the letters, all written in Spanish.

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