05 August 2014

August 1964 'On the Cover'

Just like last month's July 1964 'On the Cover', 50 years ago the front covers of the two leading American chess magazines highlighted international events.

Left: 'The Champion Scores in Argentina'
Right: 'U.S. Student Team'

Chess Life

PETROSIAN, KERES TIE IN BUENOS AIRES; ROBERT BYRNE TAKES THIRD; World Champion Tigran Petrosian and Paul Keres of the Soviet Union tied for first in the international tournament recently completed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. [...] OUR COVER: As even Dr. Watson could deduce from the presence of Oscar Panno in the background, our cover photo isn't from the Argentina International Tournament at all. It is, in fact, a scene from an event of exactly a year ago: last August's Piatigorsky Cup Tournament in Los Angeles. There, too, the Soviet aces scored a one-two victory.

Chess Review

About to take wings, Pan Am, to Yugoslavia and Poland, via Paris, is the sextet representing the United States in the World Championship for student teams. In the forefront is Michael Sweig, who had already travelled from Chicago. Behind him is Bernard Zuckerman, then Michael Valvo, New Yorkers, though Valvo is so temporarily as a student at Columbia University. Next is Jerry Spann of Oklahoma City -- no student he, just the USCF's vice president for FIDE affairs. Last is Charles Kalme, a Philadephian who has played for the Marshall Chess Club of New York of late. In front of him is the team captain, William Lombardy, a New Yorker who has long been absent in the pursuit of his studies: his objective, to become a priest.

According to OlimpBase ('The encyclopaedia of team chess'), the American team finished in 4th place; see 11th World Student Team Chess Championship: Cracow 1964.

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