01 August 2014

Maori Chess

For this current edition of Video Friday, I had plenty of clips to choose from, especially those related to the 2014 Olympiad in Tromsø, where the opening ceremony takes place today. I'll save that subject for another time. Instead, here's a chess movie which I hadn't encountered before.

Dark Horse - Speed Chess champ Genesis Potini’s story brings hope (4:17) • 'The red carpet was rolled out last night in Gisborne to celebrate ‘Dark Horse’, a movie that is getting rave reviews about speed chess champ, Genesis Potini.'

The accent had me baffled until I looked up Gisborne, which is located in New Zealand. As for Marae TV, Wikipedia says that Marae (in New Zealand Maori) 'is a communal or sacred place that serves religious and social purposes in Polynesian societies'.

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Unknown said...

Ive recently just watched the movie myself, although I am not a big fan of chess this movie totally moved me in a way, where even through his hard life and illness he had once learnt the art of playing chess and obviously had loved it and that was pretty much all he had left in his life to live for. Which he used his knowledge of the game to teach others. #Greatmovie#Needtolearntoplaychessnow#BlesstobeBlessed!