15 August 2014

DGT at the Olympiad

Youtube had two channels producing high quality videos for the just concluded Olympiad in Tromsø, Norway:-

With so many good clips to choose from, I decided to use one that explained a key component of the broadcast infrastructure.

Official Chess Olympiad Show: DGT, interview with Albert Vasse (3:32) • 'Susan [Polgar] interviews the man who introduced DGT to the chess world, Albert Vasse.'

Vasse: 'DGT started in 1993. The first DGT clocks were produced in 1994. Then, of course, you're very busy with your first product. As soon as that was stable we thought, here we are, we have technology on one side, we have chess on the other side. Where do those two come together? Very soon the electronic boards popped up as a subject where a lot could be done.'

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