18 August 2014

Kasparov TMER: Transition from 1970s to 2010s

My final action from Kasparov TMER: Last updated 2014-08-11,

Merge the new PGN into the master file [OK] and compare the index with the results recorded in Kasparov's book [NO OK].

is half done. The PGN is now available from Garry Kasparov's Tournament, Match, and Exhibition Record (1973-). As for Kasparov TMER: Next Steps,

Kasparov's run for FIDE President has seen him travelling to many countries, often giving exhibitions. Where are those documented?

I started to document them on Chessbase.com posts on Kasparov -- 2013-05 to 2014-08. This follows the same format I used last year in Kasparov at 50. Although Kasparov lost the election (see FIDE Election: Four More Years) he played many exhibitions during his campaign. These should also be noted in the TMER.

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