04 January 2016

Chess Engine Summary

For the last three months of Mondays I've been running a series on chess engines. It started with a long video overviewing basic engine concepts.

Then I looked at some technical aspects introduced in the video. These were areas which were largely new to me.

By coincidence, the Thoresen (or 'Top') Chess Engines Competition (TCEC) was running at the same time. Stockfish, the star of the video, was playing Komodo, another super-engine, in the final match ('superfinal' in TCEC jargon).

After 100 games Komodo emerged with a convincing victory. I spent a few weeks looking at specific games that promised insights into the engines' play.

Where do we go from here? I haven't decided yet, but I'll certainly come back to chess engines at some time in the future.

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