11 January 2016

Instructional Videos : Carlsen

The 2016 Candidates Tournament (Moscow, 10-30 March) starts in two months, which gives me just enough time to run a weekly video series featuring the eight participants: Anand, Aronian, Caruana, Giri, Karjakin, Nakamura, Svidler, and Topalov. I'll be looking for clips that show the players explaining one of their own games. Let's start with a presentation by the young man they hope to challenge, World Champion Magnus Carlsen.

Carlsen Smeets 10 rd Corus 2009 (14:25) • 'Published on Nov 29, 2012'

I recall that this was first published by Chessvibes.com around the time of the 2009 Corus tournament, but I couldn't find the original version. For the full game, see Magnus Carlsen vs Jan Smeets; Corus 2009 on Chessgames.com.


Later: More multi-part Youtube videos of the same type from the same tournament in the previous year. The first link for each round is the game on Chessgames.com. Carlsen was 17 years old at the time.

Rd. 1: Shakhriyar Mamedyarov vs Magnus Carlsen; Corus 2008; Part I, Part II, Part III

Rd. 6: Magnus Carlsen vs Judit Polgar; Corus 2008; Part I, Part II

Rd. 12: Vladimir Kramnik vs Magnus Carlsen; Corus 2008; Part I, Part II, Part III

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