10 January 2016

London Chess Conference 2015

For the third year running -- last year's post was London Chess and Education Conference 2014 (January 2015) -- I'll use this blog's 'Chess in School' series to feature a video from the recent London Chess Conference, held in conjunction with the London Chess Classic 2015. At the beginning of the clip, Malcolm Pein introduces himself as

Chief Executive of 'Chess in Schools and Communities', a U.K. charity that organizes, hosts, and facilitates the conference.

IM Pein goes on to explain, 'This year we're going to look at projects that use chess not just as a development tool for children but also as a positive force that impacts both the individual and society as a whole'.

London Chess Conference 2015 Opening Session extract (5:20) • 'Opening session introduction by Conference Director John Foley introducing Chess Festival Director Malcolm Pein.'

For more videos from the same Youtube channel, see London Chess Conference, 'Presentations and interviews from the London Chess Conference 2015: Chess and Society held at the Hilton Olympia'. For another video on the same conference, see KVDC London Chess Conference 2015 workshop impressions, which leads to a different Youtube channel highlighting other conference sessions. For more about the conference itself, see London Chess Conference - Making Chess Work for Society (londonchessconference.com).

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