14 January 2016

Fischer - Keres, 1962 Curacao

I wanted to use this photo for the recent post on the Paul Keres Centenary, but decided against it because it shows more than Keres. It's still a great photo.

I found it on eBay a few years ago (August 2013 to be exact), where the description said,

7" x 5" black and white photograph of Fischer during a match, signed on the reverse: "Here I am playing Paul Keres of the USSR in Curacao, Dutch West Indies. Yours truly, Robert Fischer." There is a vertical fold.

The position the players are analyzing is around move 40 of the game Robert James Fischer vs Paul Keres; Curacao Candidates 1962 (chessgames.com). Keres won that game.


Later: I didn't realize until after posting that the photo is another example of Bobby's Big Hands.

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