18 January 2016

Instructional Videos : Anand

Continuing with this short series of instructional videos by each of the eight participants in the forthcoming Moscow Candidates Tournament, in what order should I take them? After the previous clip from the player they hope to challenge -- Instructional Videos : Carlsen -- I could take them in order of current rating (which in many people's mind is equivalent to ranking) or I could take them in alphabetical order (as listed in the Carlsen post).

Taking them in alphabetical order puts GM Viswanathan Anand next. This is doubly appropriate since he was the previous World Champion and battled Magnus Carlsen in the last two title bouts: 2013 Chennai (India) and 2014 Sochi (Russia).

Anand shows his win against Wang Hao (8:57) • 'A smooth victory for Viswanathan Anand got the World Champion into shared first place after four rounds at the 2011 Tata Steel Chess Tournament.'

The video by Chessvibes.com is similar in style to the Carlsen video. To follow the complete game, see Viswanathan Anand vs Wang Hao; 2011 Tata Steel (chessgames.com).

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