16 February 2016

ACP Survey 2016

Yesterday the Association of Chess Professionals (ACP; chessprofessionals.org) issued an ACP Grand Survey 2016.

ACP is proud to present the ACP Grand Survey 2016 - the most detailed opinion poll related to the professional chess ever released. Everybody is invited to participate, whereas the answers of the ACP members will serve us as the very important indication for our further actions.

Since 'everybody is invited to participate', I took 15 minutes to answer the ~50 questions (something like that; I didn't take notes). Many of the questions were about topics that I had never considered, so I'm not sure taking the survey a second time would produce the same responses. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't receive an email confirmation with a record of my answers, but that's life.

The survey is a good initiative and I hope the ACP receives a decent and representative response (closes on 15 March 2016).

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