09 February 2016

Black and White Passion

I ended my recent post on the FIDE rating list, Still There After All These Years, with the intention of a follow-up post.

It's an introduction to the photographer listed beneath the photo, Catherine Jaeg. I'll come back to her in another post.

Open almost any issue of Europe Echecs (EE) from the mid to late 1980s and you'll find photos by Catherine Jaeg. One of my favorites is shown below.

Europe Echecs, January 1988 p.13

I translate the caption as '"Ready to Rumble", GMs Dolmatov and Azmaiparashvili, Kasparov's seconds'. The photo is from an EE report on the Kasparov - Karpov Title Match, Seville 1987.

Jaeg was listed on the EE masthead as one of the 'Collaborateurs' starting November 1984, and as a member of the 'Comité de Redaction' (editorial team) starting September 1985. She continued to be listed until July 1990. That same year she published a collection of her photos in a book titled 'black & white -- PASSION -- en noir et blanc' (Broodcoorens, 1990; Bookfinder.com: ISBN 9090041125). Bessel Kok and his wife at that time, Pierrette Broodthaers, were listed as editors (both were also involved with Kasparov's GMA).

Today she is an artist and serves as President of the Salon Dessin et Peinture √† l’eau, Paris. A biography (in French) and sample of her work (nothing to do with chess) can found on Exposition des oeuvres de Catherine JAEG (2007).

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