08 February 2016

Instructional Videos : Giri

In the previous episode of this series featuring players in the 2016 Candidates tournament (starts next month!), I used a game from the 2016 Tata tournament, Instructional Videos : Caruana. In this current episode I'll flip back to a historical Tata tournament for another clip showing Tata's infamous wooden demo board (follow the Caruana link for other players using the same board.).

Anish Giri shows his win against Magnus Carlsen (13:55) • 'An unsuccessful opening idea followed by a blunder left the world's number one player Magnus Carlsen with nothing in round 3 of the [2011] Tata Steel Chess Tournament.'

The Youtube description continued, 'For the first time in many years [Carlsen] lost against someone younger than him: the talented Dutch GM Anish Giri, who promoted from the B group last year.' To follow the complete game, see Magnus Carlsen vs Anish Giri; Tata Steel 2011 on Chessgames.com. As far as I know, GM Giri's family name is pronounced with a hard 'g' and rhymes with 'weary'.

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