21 February 2016

Polgar Global Chess Festival, Budapest

A few months ago in this 'Chess in School' series, I featured Judit Polgar's Chess Palace. Some of the concepts in that video can be seen in this more recent report from Chess.com.

2015 Global Chess Festival with Judit Polgar (7:11) • 'A report on the 2015 Polgar Chess Day held 17 October 2015 in Budapest.'

The description informs, 'In order of appearance: Lawrence Trent, Judit Polgar, Miklos Sesztak, Kata Karacsonyi, Sofia Polgar, Benjamin Gledura and Rustam Kasimdzhanov.' Former FIDE World Champion Kasimdzhanov: 'It's amazing. I've never seen anything like this before.'

By coincidence, the most famous of the three Polgar sisters appeared recently in The 'Queen of Chess' who defeated Kasparov (BBC News). 'In 2002, Judit Polgar became the first woman to beat then world champion Garry Kasparov. Judit Polgar spoke to Witness about their rivalry and that historic moment in the sport of chess.'

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