18 February 2016

Tag Maintenance

If you want to make sure that no one reads a certain post, just put the word 'maintenance' in the title, as in Blog Maintenance (January 2015). Why write about the topic at all? Because a blog is a personal diary as well as a public forum.

Tag: Blog Carnival • First I deleted the tag for carnivals; the relevant posts are easily found via a standard search tool. I use tags to group posts that are not easily identified as belonging together and this doesn't apply to blog carnivals. On top of that, the concept has fallen out of fashion and I doubt that we will see future carnivals for chess blogs.

Tag: Downloads • Then I looked at the posts under this tag, which covers both downloads for this blog and downloads from the web. After starting to collect downloads for this blog -- PGN Downloads (February 2011; could be my most-visited post) -- I never developed the idea. The six ZIP files available today are downloaded regularly, which tells me that there is some interest in providing more of the same. I'll pursue this in another post.

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