09 March 2017

Blog Search Tool

Note to followers of all Blogspot.com blogs, like this one. Recently the blog search tool has been much improved. The search result used to be presented in a search result box that appeared at the top of the page. It displayed maximum four results per box and each link had to be opened individually to see its content. This was clumsy and inconvenient.

Now the results are presented in a page similar to other aggregated content, like the 'LABELS' links in the right navigation bar. The results can be scrolled and searched further by using a browser search tool. For example, the search Posts sorted by date for query "marshall" returns Frank Marshall, Marshall Chess Club, USCF President Marshall Rohland, opening variations like the Marshall Gambit, etc. etc. Posts sorted by relevance for query "averbakh" returns various posts where the omnipresent Soviet GM gets a mention. The default is 'sorted by relevance'.

On this blog, the search tool is also located on the right navigation bar, although placement is the blog author's choice. I tend to place blog tools in the order that I use them most.

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